Science Communication & Technology Translation

As a PhD trained scientist and professional communicator Teresa provides expertise in effective communication of highly scientific and technical concepts to a variety of audiences across a variety of media.

Technical Copywriting & Science Writing

Written communication of technical and scientific concepts is an art.  To ensure that our audience interprets your writing as you intend. Teresa works with you to distill down the message you are trying to deliver in a way that excites the audience about your topic.

Platform Presentation

Giving an exceptional platform presentation at a conference or event can be a pivotal moment in a professionals career.  Learn the essentials to building a jaw dropping presentation.

Pitch Deck Preparation & Professional Presentations

Perfecting a pitch is key to gaining funding, customers, and company growth.  Teresa has guided startups to define their story, taking notes on the back of a napkin to a deck of slides that have resulted in increased funding and sales.

Dissertation Preparation

I have helped hundreds of trainees prepare for their dissertation and other forms of presentations. Learning the fundamentals of communication and presentation early is career changing.

Medical & Healthcare Marketing

Years of experience in the medical and healthcare space ensure that the message that your company is trying to tell is understood and then translated to the audience that you are targeting.  We can work together on a variety of media to ensure that your company is presented accurately and effectively.


Grants are the foundation to the growth of many scientific and technical ideas.  Preparing a well written and organized document is key to gaining funding.

Career Guidance

I have coached hundreds of professionals to see their career path in a strategic way.  It is my passion to help my clients to define a future that best fits them and to work strategically to attain it.

Nicole Woitowich, Dir. of Science Outreach and Education, Women’s Health Research Institute at Northwestern

“Teresa is an excellent peer mentor and I am lucky to have her in my own ‘mentorship council.’ She gives thoughtful advice which has helped me tremendously in my own career. ”

Julien Matricon, Tech Transfer Officer at Assistance Publique, Hopitaux de Paris

“Teresa is passionate about the common good and dedicated to help others make the best of themselves. I have been impressed by her leadership skills, her will to help and make a difference, and her energy.”

Check out ReSearch

ReSearch: A Career Guide for Scientists is a career planning guide and practical tool for graduate students and postdocs. This book provides step-by-step processes for the assessment of career goals and the actions that can be taken in order to achieve them. ReSearch includes chapters on the basics of career planning, determining unique selling points, and navigating work-life concerns.